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Date in the City is one of the fastest growing dating websites for singles in Bristol. It’s fun, completely free to join and full of people like you looking for love in Bristol. So what are you waiting for? Join for free here.

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We believe first impressions are the most important, thats why new members can send a FREE ‘Ice Breaker’ message to help you get started on your dating journey with Date in the City Bristol.

Over 2m communications per day

Date in the City Bristol is full of local singles looking for love. Our members exchange approximately 2,000,000 communications amongst themselves meaning that when you get started you’re bound to get plenty of interest.

Dedicated Customer Care Line

At Date in the City we pride ourselves on our customer service. If you’re not happy with anything, or even if you have a quick question, we have a dedicated customer care line to help you should you ever need it.

Join thousands of locals

Date in the City Bristol is packed with thousands of local Bristolians who are trying to find their perfect partners. Why not join today and get started on the road to finding true love.

All profiles checked for authenticity

We want to give you the best dating experience possible, we check all our profiles for authenticity making sure members are who they say they are. Get started today and find love in Bristol.

Bristol is Best Shared

Bristol truly is a beautiful city, nothing beats a day out at Bristol Zoo Gardens or spending a fortune in the Bristol Shopping Quarter. Well nothing beats it, apart from sharing it with someone special. See Bristol in a different light by finding a partner on Date in the City Bristol.

When it comes to dating and falling in love we’re not overly picky. All we want is someone that we can share things with, little things like watching a great film, sharing a cup of coffee on a cold winters day etc. On Date in the City Bristol we help you find like-minded people that you can really connect with. Sign up today and see what you’re missing.

Make room for a little love in your life

City life can sometimes get a bit much, often days fly by without feeling like your feet have touched the ground. It’s time that you took a moment and remembered the important things in life. We know how hard it can be to find time to find love, thats why on Date in the City Bristol, there are thousands of members in Bristol that are looking for exactly the same as you. Go on. Try something new.

"Finding love in Bristol is hard, I’ve struggled for years to find Mr Right with my fair share of disasters. I joined Date in the City Bristol and within two weeks I met Luke, he’s amazing!"

Sarah and Luke (1 year together)

"Date in the City Bristol has made us see Bristol differently, I still can’t believe that we met online"

Joe and Amelia (3 weeks together)

"DITC Bristol made finding someone so easy, for once there’s a dating website out there that only has people near me on it! Joining it was probably the best decision of my life."

John and Beckie (3 years together)

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