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Date in the City is a exciting, simple and proven way of finding the right person for you somewhere in Brighton. It's totally free to join, find people and check out photos. So jump in and see who’s waiting for you?

Send a FREE 'Ice Breaker' message

Making the first move has never been so easy (or less daunting!). Because when you sign up, all new members get a FREE ‘Ice Breaker’ message to connect with another member to get you started.

Over 2m communications per day

Date in the City is teeming with life with over 2,000,000 communications a day between our members. It’s a buzzing community so you can expect a great response once you get involved.

Dedicated Customer Care Line

We’re always improving the Date in the City experience. But if something doesn’t meet your expectations then we have a dedicated customer careline at hand just for you. We just want you to have as much fun as possible and leave the rest to us.

Join thousands of locals

There are thousands of great people in Brighton already on Date in the City. Why not start your journey now and see which one of them is for you.

All profiles checked for authenticity

We make Date in the City a safe and secure journey for all of our members. We ensure that we check all member profiles upon sign up to make sure only genuine, quality and safe members get through the door so that you have the best possible experience.

Brighton is Best Shared

Some of the best things about Brighton are relaxing walks through the Pavillion Gardens on a summers day or a bite to eat in the North Laines when you’re feeling peckish. We’ve found though that all of these things are so much better when shared with someone special. Why not see Brighton from another perspective and find a partner on Date in the City.

It’s the little things in life that matter. We just want to enjoy the simple pleasures like a cup of char on the sofa and a movie or falling asleep to our favourite album in the park with someone. On Date in the City, find like-minded people so that you can re-experience all of the favourite things you already love doing with someone special as well as find new things to enrich your life.

Make room for a little love in your life

Don’t you sometimes just wish you could pause life? Put the stresses of daily life on hold and take some time out to find yourself a slice of happiness. Meeting new people and broadening our horizons is one of life’s great pleasures. That’s why we have literally thousands of members who are connecting and waiting to connect with people like you. Go on. Try something new.

"We met each other on DITC. I can't believe how easy it was to use and find people that I actually had a connection with. I highly recommend it to help anyone find love."

Katrina and Glenn (1 year together)

"DITC helps you filter like-minded people in your area, so we found each other in no time. No long term plans yet, we’re just taking it slowly. But loving every day of it."

Kevin and Maisie (6 months together)

"Brighton is great for dating people as there’s so much to do. The problem is actually finding a date to do these great things with! We bumped into each other on DITC a year ago and it was the best thing to ever happen to us. Move in together next week!"

Steph and Rich (3 years together)

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